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ANJ APEX Consultancy Limited

ANJ APEX Consultancy Limited is a quality house, independent provider for Capacity building, Audit, Inspection, Certification services in Myanmar. We are committed to providing enhanced expertise, professional networks, tools, and solutions to help our client. ANJ APEX Consultancy Limited is a commercial organization offers a very wide range of Assessment & Certification services in Myanmar. ANJ APEX Consultancy Limited delivers various training program with different organizations.
ANJ APEX Consultancy Limited evaluates supplier compliance with a variety of standards, including corporate codes of conduct containing standard industry compliance elements, and a range of industry standards established by recognized international organizations.
ANJ APEX Consultancy Limited was originally founded to serve the industries to develop them socially.
We have a panel of highly experienced auditors worldwide who conduct the value-adding audit to our invaluable clients. We find the fact for the client to take proper corrective action and improve continually.
We are here to evaluate the effectiveness of your management system including Social, Environmental, Energy, OHS, and Security & Supply Chain Management System.